Structure is everything – final lessons

Feedback on my story (about a terrifying experience on cheating in school and the thereupon decision to never cheat and lie again) still too much baggage and detail that could have been left out ending too conversational again strong start not crisp enough Stories that were good the 400 Euro shoes story the fortuneteller story Continue reading Structure is everything – final lessons


Notes on yesterday’s class. It’s all about magic and triggering our imagination. Lecture It must always be about the audience. When you are in a conversation, the other person probably cares to hear about you. Otherwise, if you have a bigger audience, you must communicate in a way that touches THEM. You must change how Continue reading Magic!

The essence

While preparing my story for this Wednesday’s class, the following thoughts on storytelling came to my mind (of course inspired by previous classes and research): I guess storytelling is about knowing which information is important, and which is not. It’s about finding the essence of the story, the essence of being human, and communicating that. Continue reading The essence

Storytelling is not being conversational

The 10 Rules of Storytelling by Bruce Oreck 1. Values 2. Avoid complex language 3. Be descriptive 4. Get personal 5. Be bold 6. Have fun – dopamine = happy 7. Don’t appeal to logic but to senses 8. Authenticity and being “true” 9. First impression matters – fast 10. First, make audience feel smart Continue reading Storytelling is not being conversational